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Process: Learnin By Drawin
Exploration is at the core of my creative process. While each project can be shown as a discrete entity, they are collectively part of a continuously revisited body of work through which I seek to understand space, memory, and the nature of perception. 
An archive of over 100 sketchbooks helps me track and expand ideas that span professional and academic projects. My sketchbooks are living documents that I refer to, continually updating ideas and old sketches as needed. 
In many of my drawings, I employ hybrid extensions of architectural conventions to as a means of spatial and perceptual experimentation.  I use drawings to both document and disrupt the expectations of representation. 
Many of my ideas have come from diving into how I see and translate the spatial expression of existing architecture into drawings. Not only do these drawings document aspects of built works, they also document my understanding of it and reaction to built space. My drawings are not typical historical surveys; instead, they collectively form a record of my translation of the formal projection from built work to an expression of my perception through the act of drawing. 
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