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Exhibition curation, design, and fabrication in collaboration with David Schaengold and Luka Pajovic

Exhibition Text:

Along with poets and gravediggers, architects belong to a very small group of people who might be expected to take a professional interest in how they are memorialized after death. And many architects have indeed designed their own tombs, from Mimar Sinan to Le Corbusier.

In Memoriam presents tombs that architects design for themselves, in the past and the present, as a starting point in a conversation about memory and death in Architecture. What do we as architects choose to remember and honor—and how?


Barozzi Veiga, Adolf Loos (as drawn by David Schaengold), Deborah Berke, Samantha Mink, Fala, Erin & Ian Besler, Miles Gertler, Lina Malfona, Mark Foster Gage, Enric Miralles (as drawn by Jerome Tryon), Cazu Zegers, Sam Jacob, John Soane (as drawn by Jerome Tryon), Clark Thenhaus, Alan Maskin & Juan Ferreira of Olson Kundig, Igor Bragado, Christopher Wren (as drawn by Luka Pajovic), OMMX, Aniket Shahane, Barclay & Crousse, Ariane Lourie Harrison, Young & Ayata, Jože Plečnik (as drawn by Luka Pajovic), Peter Baldwin, Margaret McCurry & Stanley Tigerman, Brian Delford Andrews, Bryan Cantley, Mimar Sinan (as drawn by David Schaengold), Níall McLaughlin, Flores & Prats, Stephen Slaughter & Aaron Tkac, Neri & Hu

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