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My interest in the tensions between the real and the remembered has inspired much of my work. As an extension of these interests, I constructed a camera obscura that projects the light of reality onto a sketch drawing from memory. As a process,  I  pre-load the camera with 4x6” drawings, delineated from memory of a specific location. I would then take the camera to the remembered location and project the image of reality onto the remembered scene. The resulting photographs are simultaneously real and remembered, sometimes the real correcting the memory, but more often the memory obscuring the real.  Architecturally, the image of architecture carried into the camera is spatialized as its non-orthogonality interacts with the picture plane of the drawing. The camera becomes a type of window to the city, requiring specific urban placement for the alignment of the real and remembered. 

The above images were completed while in Venice Italy with aide form the Winchester fellowship from the Yale School of Architecture. 

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